Harris ECO SMART® Color Change Brazing Flux

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Description: Boric Acid-free Brazing Flux

Introducing the world's first boric acid-free smart flux.

ECO SMART® is a unique, patent-pending flux that is designed with color change technology that lets you know when it is time to braze.  Its boric acid free environmentally friendly formula starts out as a green color that changes to clear when the flux becomes active.

  • Features:
    • Boric Acid and Borax free - Envronmentally friendly
    • Homgeneous mix that stays in solution or suspended paste
    • Powder flux has excellent adherence when heated rod is diped into flux
    • Dissolves surface oxides and protects against oxidation during heating
    • Wide activation range
    • Excellent flux coverage during heating
    • Easy flux residue removal
    Part NumberSize
    ESF250PG250g - Green Paste - Bottle
    ESF250PB250g - Black Paste - Jar
    ESF250DG250g - Green Powder - Bottle
    ESF250DB250g - Black Powder - Bottle
    ESF500PB500g - Black Paste - Jar
    ESF500PG500g - Green Paste - Bottle
    ESF500DG500g - Green Powder - Bottle
    ESF500DB500g - Black Powder - Bottle
    ESF1000DG1000g - Green Powder - Bottle
    ESF1000DB1000g - Black Powder - Bottle
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