Model 301
Model 301MR

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Model 301MR

Description: Small Metering Regulator

The Harris Model 301 regulators are compact single-stage metering regulators ideally suited for oxygen therapy applications using small cylinders or where space and weight limitations are important.

The design of this regulator has made it a popular choice for home care, ambulance, hospital transport or doctor/dentist offices.

  • Sintered bronze filters in the inlet port and outlet fitting
  • Captive adjusting knob
  • Internal relief system to guard against over-pressurization
Flow Control
  • Part NumberModel NumberPediatric
    3500613301-OX 5L-540
    3500607301-OX 8M-870
    3500612301-OX 5M-870
    3500604301-N2O 15M-910
  • Part NumberGasEquipment TypeGauge SizeInletOutletMax Inlet PressureSupply Pressure GaugeDelivery Pressure GaugeFlow Range
    3500603Oxygen0-15 LPM Regulators1 1/2"CGA-870 (yoke)DISS30004000 psi15 LPM0-15 LPM
    3500604Nitrous Oxide0-15 LPM Regulators1 1/2"CGA-910(yoke)DISS30004000 psi15 LPM0-15 LPM
    3500607Oxygen0-8 LPM Regulators1 1/2"CGA-870 (yoke)DISS3000 psi4000 psi8 LPM0-8 LPM
    3500612Oxygen0-8 LPM Regulators1 1/2"CGA-870 (yoke)DISS3000 psi4000 psi5 LPM0-5 LPM
    3500613Oxygen0-8 LPM Regulators1 1/2"CGA-540DISS3000 psi4000 psi5 LPM0-5 LPM
    3500619Oxygen0-15 LPM Regulators2"CGA-540DISS3000 psi4000 psi15 LPM0-15 LPM
    3500680OxygenPediatric RegulatorsCGA-870DISS3000 psi4000 psi1/2 LPM0-0.5 LPM
    3500681OxygenPediatric RegulatorsCGA-540DISS3000 psi4001 psi1/2 LPM0-0.5 LPM