Model 25P
Model 25P

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Model 25P

Description: Large Preset Regulator

This single-stage preset regulator is recommended for applications using large cylinders, piping systems or other applications that require a constant pressure. The regulator is preset to deliver 50 PSIG and has an external relief valve set at 75 psi.

Other Model 25P features

  • Color-coded 2" flow gauge engineered to ANSI B-40.1 specifications
  • Sintered bronze filters in the inlet port and outlet port
  • Large diaphragm for accurate delivery
  • Captive inlet nut to protect the seat
Pressure Control
  • Part NumberModel Number
  • Part NumberGasEquipment TypeGauge SizeInletOutletMax Inlet PressureSupply Pressure Gauge
    3500625Oxygen50 psi Preset Regulators2"CGA-540DISS30004000 psi
    3500626Nitrous Oxide50 psi Preset Regulators2"CGA-326DISS30004000 psi
    3500627Carbon Dioxide50 psi Preset Regulators2"CGA-320DISS30004000 psi
    3500628Medical Air 50 psi Preset Regulators2"CGA-346DISS30004000 psi
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