Model 49-3F
Model 49-3AF

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Model 49-3AF

Description: Classic Heavy Duty Alternate Fuel Cutting Attachment

  • Features:
    • Solid forged head resists abuse and distortion
    • Triangular tube design is compact and lightweight with exceptional strength and rigidity
    • Brazed connections prevents leaks
    • Protected torch union nut protects seats and O-rings from abuse
    • Solid forged lever for exceptional strength
    • Ease-on cutting oxygen control for smoother starts
    Part NumberModel NumberTip Seat StyleTorch TypeTorch Head AngleLengthCutting TipCompatible Handle
    130043049-3AFHarris 6290Cutting Attachment70°10 1/4"6290NX, 6290NFF, 6290NXM, 6290NXP43-2, 18-5
  • Part NumberMixing System
    UL Certified
  • ManualSafety GuidelinesTips on Cutting