Harris Preforms and Brazing RingsHarris Preforms and Brazing Rings

Custom Alloy Rings and Shapes for Manual and Automated Brazing

Preformed Brazing rings and other performs have become a staple of many original equipment manufacturers, helping them improve consistency, quality, efficiency and productivity. Autobraze, a division of The Harris Products Group, is an industry leader in producing these custom alloys in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, Autobraze is dedicated to creating innovative products that allow customers to braze more quickly and efficiently, resulting in cost savings and a competitive advantage.

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Quality Control
All Harris brazing alloys are formed using proprietary technology that precisely controls the phosphorous content to strict standards. For your manufacturing process that provides precise predictability for the metal’s melting temperature and performance. These alloys conform to +/- 3°C (+/- 6°F) of the specified liquidus temperature.

Our customers rely on those precise specifications to ensure consistent brazing on every application in the manufacturing process. That gives them an advantage in their automated brazing operations and allows for greater efficiency and productivity in all brazing on the assembly line.

Custom Options
We recognize our customers have a wide variety of applications and requirements. Our engineering team can assist you in developing or designing the shape that fits your needs. Or if you already have specifications, Autobraze can meet your requirements and provide a production and delivery schedule that coincides with your inventory needs.

On-time Delivery
At Harris, we handle all of the production of pre-forms and rings in a single location, from raw material through the extrusion process to packaging, our facility is equipped to handle critical orders.

Exclusive Harris Alloys
Autobraze also boasts performs made from alloys available only from The Harris Products Group. Blockade, Dynaflow and Flash are next-generation alloys designed to help OEMs find efficiency and cost-savings in their brazing operations.

  • Dynaflow® is an excellent cost effective alternative to the 15% silver alloys. This premium, medium range silver alloy has been meticulously formulated to tighter specifications than standard copper-to-copper alloys.
  • Blockade® is a silicon, phosphorous, tin and copper alloy that provides low-temperature brazing with good penetration into the joint and the ability to visually confirm a leak-free seal. It is popular for many of our OEM customers with return bend forms, but is also available in custom shapes and wires.
  • Flash® is recommended for return bends with narrow clearances, between .002 to .004” (.050-.102mm). This non-silver alloy (LCuP-8) enables faster autobrazer belt speeds.